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Random Beautiful Things by Alex Covo

My name is Alex. This blog showcases my photography. I'm a New York City based photographer and motion artist.
I love to shoot random beautiful things juxtaposed against the grit, texture and beautiful decay of the world around me.
I love shooting black and white photos, but I'll still shoot color when it suits me :)
I hope to inspire others one day just like those that inspire me today! xx

PS. All the pics and videos on this site were shot by me, unless stated otherwise. Please feel free to reblog!

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"Love and Peonies" by Alex Covo

"The substance of painting is light." - Andre Derain

Drake and I playing for the very last time.

Jennee Series - by Alex Covo

NYC rooftop beauty

Jennee Series - by Alex Covo

We find beauty in the past. We just didn’t realize it then.

My memory forsakes me, but my camera will always reveal the truth. I have seen more beauty than I will ever remember.

Jennee - by Alex Covo

I want to live in the moment of a frame. It is still and silent. Nothing matters. Only when i close my eyes, and there is nothing but darkness, is beauty revealed. It is the memory that I didn’t know existed, 

-photo by alex covo

Always inspired by something different.

Kiss Kiss

Captured in a moment, betrayed by my own thoughts and interpretations. What we see is not always what we think it is. We judge, only to falter under our own presumptions.  With each passing frame, she peels away the layers and reveals her story. And she controls her reflection onto me. What do you see in the mirror? 

Marc Jacobs knows how to put on a show. Closing NYFW SS 14

See with your heart <3

Cora Emmanuel on NYC rooftops with me.

Sara de Antonio on rooftop with me at night…popping the flash and dragging the shutter near some lights <3

Grit. Texture. Beautiful Decay. Cool Models. This is NYC.

I love the texture and beautiful decay of NYC. You can find it every where you turn.  photo by Alex Covo

model: Caitlin@DNA

mua: Anoli Artist

styling: Andrew Clanger Clancey