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Random Beautiful Things by Alex Covo

My name is Alex. This blog showcases my photography. I'm a New York City based photographer and motion artist.
I love to shoot random beautiful things juxtaposed against the grit, texture and beautiful decay of the world around me.
I love shooting black and white photos, but I'll still shoot color when it suits me :)
I hope to inspire others one day just like those that inspire me today! xx

PS. All the pics and videos on this site were shot by me, unless stated otherwise. Please feel free to reblog!

Too much time. Not enough time.

It’s always one or the other. Sometimes it feels like days are condensed to hours. Hours to minutes. Other times it’s the complete opposite. All I know is that when I am shooting time seems to correct itself. It stops for a moment. It freezes in a frame. That’s the beauty of photography, of a photo. It stops time. Just for a moment. It reminds us that as linear as we perceive time. It’s not. It changes and bends with every frame we capture. It takes us from the present to the past, and back again, in a blink of an eye. I guess that’s why I will always love photo albums. Our own personal time capsules.

karin savkova by alex covo