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Random Beautiful Things by Alex Covo

My name is Alex. This blog showcases my photography. I'm a New York City based photographer and motion artist.
I love to shoot random beautiful things juxtaposed against the grit, texture and beautiful decay of the world around me.
I love shooting black and white photos, but I'll still shoot color when it suits me :)
I hope to inspire others one day just like those that inspire me today! xx

PS. All the pics and videos on this site were shot by me, unless stated otherwise. Please feel free to reblog!

Aimee C rocking out in ByWP eyewear by wolfgangproksch


Light Painting by Alex Covo

“Ah, lust. It makes us forget anything we want to. The greatest relaxant, the greatest stimulant.” 
― James Lusarde

Random Beautiful Thing

Natural beauty is everything

NYC Rooftop with Random Beautiful Thing Katja Iggy

Another story shot for Bambi Magazine with Alanna @NY models


I see you

grey days by Alex Covo

It’s the beauty of those grey, dark, melancholic days that let us see things a certain way. I always embrace it. I miss it. 

Melancholy day….

"To be swallowed in melancholy is to immerse in conscious, intentional unhappiness, the sort that, perversely, makes one happier.

It is dark because your eyes are closed, and bearing all its weight down onto the cage of your ribs is that sweet-flavored, intangible, beloved melancholy.” - LEIGH ALEXANDER

Sara de Antonio on rooftop with me at night…popping the flash and dragging the shutter near some lights <3

Nude in natural light. Natural light is always my preference <3 www.alexcovo.com

Grit. Texture. Beautiful Decay. Cool Models. This is NYC.

I love the texture and beautiful decay of NYC. You can find it every where you turn.  photo by Alex Covo

model: Caitlin@DNA

mua: Anoli Artist

styling: Andrew Clanger Clancey

Random Beautiful Thing Shauna by Alex Covo

Random Beautiful Thing Kate Potter by Alex Covo